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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Check out the dynamics of our company and what we offer through the testimonials of our clients

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Quick and Efficient Hinges Replacement

I noticed that my garage door had got flimsy and noisy and I requested help from the specialists at garage door repair South Orange. They identified an issue with the hinges which house the stems of the garage door rollers. They replaced the old parts with new ones. The best thing about the new parts is that they seem better in every respect from the thickness and fit to the protective coating. The garage door hinge replacement task took the technicians very little time to complete. They even added lubricant to ensure perfect peace and quiet. They taught me how to provide lubrication maintenance as well.

Brilliant Panel Replacement Result

I have absolutely beautiful glass garage doors which I am particularly fond of. Unfortunately, four panels got broken when a friend caused an accident. The aluminum frame was fine, but these had to be replaced. I am more than pleased with the service of South Orange garage door repair. They found precisely matching replacement panels in terms of size, color and thickness. The garage door panel replacement was swift. The result was brilliant. There was absolutely no difference between the old and the new door. The pricing was perfectly decent. I will definitely use the service of this company again, if the need arises.

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