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Different types of garage doors

Different types of garage doors
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Garage doors are the largest and often the most prominent moving part of a house. A lot of thought goes to buying a new door or replacing an existing one as it can easily help add value to your home and enhance its curb appeal.

There are many different types of garage doors

Different types of garage doorsThe four most basic types are swing out, swing up, slide to the side or roll up. Doors that swing out or slide to the side are good choices for those who want a clear space above their door or a distinct look. The most popular style, however, is the roll up door as it clears up most space. Before purchasing a roll-up door, you must measure the space from the ceiling to the top of the door. You can also get a low-headroom track if you do not have enough space. For high ceilings, there is also a specially made track.

Other than types of garage doors, there are also different types of materials used for garage doors. The three main ones are wood, steel and aluminum. Wood is a classic choice as it offers authenticity and charm. However, it requires frequent repair and repainting. If you want a door that does not require much maintenance, then steel is a better choice. It is less expensive but it can rust. Aluminum can come in many colors and options. However, sturdier versions can be expensive. All three have their pros and cons and choosing which material is best depends on your garage door needs.

As they are a prominent feature in any home, the garage door you choose must compliment the style of your home and the neighborhood. Choose a door with materials that fit your climate. Steel and aluminum are more durable and can last a very long time but with wood, you get a classier feel. If you live in an area prone to hurricanes or have an old door, steel is the best to avoid damage. For homes that need durable, lightweight doors, aluminum is the best option.

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