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Child Safety and Garage Doors

Child Safety and Garage Doors
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It is typical for a family to have a garage built in their home. Like many other mechanisms or devices within the home, these doors need to be maintained regularly to avoid any serious injuries. Never let it go long periods of time without receiving the proper maintenance and never leave the door up. On average, the door weighs a few hundred pounds which poses a hazard to both adults and children.

Safety Tips

Child Safety and Garage DoorsGarage doors need to be serviced on a regular basis no matter what kind. Without proper maintenance or garage door installation, someone could get hurt.

Safety Hazards:

• Improper repairs
• Improper adjustments

Rushing to install things too quickly can possibly cause some of the important safety features to be left out in order to cut corners. This can lead to fatal accidents. There are several factors that can pose a serious safety risk. The expert who is installing or replacing the door should take their time and do it right. This will help prevent the amount of accidents caused by garage doors.
Other Possible Hazards:

Just like any other machine, regular maintenance is pertinent to maintaining superior safety and must be performed regularly. These are some of the hazards.

• Broken window
• Broken motor
• Garage door off track
• Broken springs
• Bent door track
• Frayed cables

These are all safety hazards for children and adults. A garage door broken window can cause shards of glass to fall on someone which can seriously harm them. A door off track can cause the garage door to fall, possibly injuring your kid. There are cases where a door fell and caused a fatal injury. A broken spring can snap, sending it flying into the air and causing it to slam shut. To avoid any accidents, maintain and service your garage door on a regular basis.

Check the wires, cables, springs, motor, and the glass window if it applies. This can help protect yourself and the ones you love.

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